FHT 111 M Contamat

FHT 111 M CONTAMAT   Contamination Monitor is a classic “work horse” for the measurement of surface contamination with alpha, beta and gamma isotopes. Large area gas proportional counters are used as detectors and a microprocessor provides all functions and calculations.


Radiation protection in :

  • Isotope laboratories
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Physics
  • Civil defense

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Technical Specifications

  • Counter tubes for alpha, beta, gamma; 100 or 166 cm² window area
  • Display range : 0 to 19,999 cps; 0 to 19,999 Bq/cm²; 0 to 19,999 or to 19,999 x kBq
  • Adaptable nuclide configuration
  • Separate alpha and beta/gamma alarm values monitored simultaneous
  • Analog and digital measured value display in pulses/second, Becquerel or Becquerel/cm²
  • Highly transparent hexagon grid