Harshaw 5500 TLD Reader

Harshaw 5500 Automatic TLD Reader provides cost-effective measurements of the radiation dose absorbed by individual TLD elements. The instrument includes an automatic sample changer and carrier disk for automatic processing of up to 50 TLD dosimeter elements in a single loading.

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Technical Specifications

  • Thermoelectric PMT cooler for maximum gain stability
  • Unattended automatic background subtraction capability
  • Easy to operate, service and maintain
  • Unattended automatic operation for up to 50 dosimeters
  • Multiple, programmable, linear time-temperature profiles
  • Heating profile includes pre-heat, acquire and anneal cycles
  • Heating by hot gas, temperature capability up to 400 °C
  • 7 decade dynamic acquisition ranges
  • Card elements are read in pairs. The pairs of a 4-element card are sequenced automatically
  • Serial interface for control over PC