STS LS1 Liquid Source

STS LS1 Liquid Source may be used in various ways to demonstrate the spread of radioactive contamination and to enable realistic training in the use of monitoring instruments to be undertaken. In addition, and equally importantly, it may be used to simulate decontamination processes. The liquid is dispensed from a small container with a pump-type dispenser, and will form droplets or patches on metal and fabric surfaces.

Depending on the quantity of LS1 spread, the surface texture, temperature and air movements, the apparent radiation will continue to be emitted for up to 2-3 hours. Evaporation of the liquid will cause the signal to reduce, and after 12hours no signal will be found, and the area will be completely clean of any residual contamination. This will then allow the training to be repeated in the same area without any problem of background signal.

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