Visicoil MR

Visicoil MR Linear Fiducial Markers are used to enhance accuracy and efficiency during radiation therapy. These implantable markers are used to provide real-time accurate localization of soft tissue tumor during radiotherapy treatment.Visicoil MR multi-modality fiducial marker offers high visibility in MRI & CT (and more) image modalities allowing for efficient MR/CT fusion and IGRT.

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  •  Helical design offers excellent ultrasound imaging
  •  Traditional Hollow Core = Minimal Imaging Artifact
  •  Stable marker localization from implant through treatment
  •  VISICOIL proven patented design
  •  Helical coil and flexible design fixates marker in target tissue
  •  Minimally invasive design allows for atraumatic placement
  •  Thin Needle Design = less pain, edema, bleeding, more comfort & safety
  •  Smaller needle path increases marker stability
  •  Linear Design = Less needles = Less measuring = Faster implantation
  •  Efficient, consistent, and reliable daily treatment set up
  •  VISICOIL MR is available in the 0.35mm, 0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1.00mm diameters
  • VISICOIL MR is available in the 0.5cm, 1.0cm, 2,0cm lengths
  • Available loose or preloaded in 8cm, 15cm, or 20cm needles