RadEye NL

RadEye NL Personal Highly Sensitive Neutron Radiation Detector

RadEye NL Personal Highly Sensitive Neutron Radiation Detector closes a gap in the classical product spectrum of the radiation measurement technology. While traditional Rem-Counters are usually heavy and bulky, the RadEye NL detector is compact and lightweight. Users (e.g. service staff) who travel on commercial aircraft can use the RadEye NL as it has a He-3 counting tube with a filling pressure of 2.5 bar.


  • Users of industrial neutron sources (e.g., in geology and material testing)
  • Operators and users of accelerators in medical science and research
  • Radiation protection staff and inspectors of nuclear facilities
  • First responders and law enforcement officers

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Technical Specifications

  • Detector : He-3 tube with 2.5 bar absolute pressure
  • Measuring unit : Count rate (cps) moving average over 10 s
  • Sensitivity : approx. 0.2 cps per μSv/h for Cf-252
  • Detects 0.01μg Cf-252 in typically 2 – 3 s for 25 cm distance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be worn at the body in an optional holster using the users body as moderator.
  • Low-power-technology components and fully automated self-checks result in minimum maintenance.
  • The RadEye NL can be put into an optional moderator with handle