RadHalo Spectroscopic Area Monitors.

RadHalo rapid deployment probes (RDP) and fixed monitors (FM) deliver high precision gamma and neutron radiation measurements and real-time data collection across a wide range of environments and radiation dose rate levels.

For nuclear power and associated emergency response personnel, the RadHalo instruments’ remote monitoring and turn-key data reach back telemetry capabilities eliminate the need to place personnel in risky environments.

Technical Specifications

  • Spectroscopic Detector 3×3” NaI : Measuring range 0.05μSv/hr to 0.1mSv/hr
  • Dual Range GM Tube : measuring range 0.05mSv to 10Sv/hr
  • Gamma Detection Sensitivity : 6.6nSv/hr from 100cm- Co57
  • Dose Rate Accuracy : +/- 20% at 661keV (Cs137)
  • Neutron Detector (Optional) : CLYC
  • Neutron Detection Sensitivity : 1.3 neutrons/s*cm2 at 30.5cm/s from 100cm

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Available models

  • RadHalo RDP is designed for portability, rapid deployment, and autonomous operation. It is ideal for monitoring special events and radiological emergencies. Long 60 hr battery can be charged via AC mains or solar panel. Multiple wireless transmission methods insure instrument communications in nearly any scenario. Monitor and control unit remotely from PC or mobile device. Four Options Available


  •  RadHalo FM is designed for permanent and constant area monitoring. Able to withstand nearly all environmental and emergency conditions. Battery backup and multiple reachback methods insure full operation even in emergency situations. Simple layout allows field service support and onsite calibrations. Antenna and satellite extension kits for long distance communication capability especially when RadHalo has no view of the sky. Twelve Options Available conditions and emergency conditions.